Session of the Presidium of the Theological Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences On September 30th, 2020, at the seat of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw, there took place a meeting of the Presidium of the Committee of Theological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. During the meeting, the concept of the Committee's work in the coming year was discussed. It will be presented to all members at the next general meeting. "Theology beyond theology" is the slogan and topic for the interdisciplinary debate that we are planning in the forthcoming spring. The point is to find an answer to the question of what science needs from theology and what theology needs from other sciences. Theology would like to continue the discourse with other disciplines on important problems that modern sciences are confronted with, but which are also present in everyday life. Thus, it is a kind of search for the connections between theory and practice, as well as for impulses to tighten interdisciplinary cooperation. Theology wants to be of service to the Church, to science and to pastoral care. The plans of the Committee's activities include the integration of the theological community in Poland.